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Deepen the Connection to Yourself and Your Surroundings

 Schirin has a rich tool box that she is able to draw from with her broad background in Rosen Method bodywork, Touch & Awareness bodywork, intuitive tantric session work, trauma work, yoga / meditation and professional dancing.

With this blend she is able to support you in staying safe and grounded whilst allowing unconscious layers of redundant tension and protection to melt away. This in turn helps you in gaining a greater understanding of how to unleash more of the innate life force and aliveness in your body; we are then able to further embrace our pureness of Being and grow stronger in the sense of who we are beyond the roles we play in life.

Main base: Amsterdam. See calendar below


Touch & Awareness 

This private session contains a blend of Rosen Method and trauma work. It is a body therapy that can lead to deep relaxation and awareness as unconscious layers of muscle tension are able to release; this can lead to new opportunities arising in life when old patterns and attitudes then fall away.

More information about Rosen Method bodywork.


Touch & Awareness

Free events:

14th September you are invited to join the students and practitioner of Touch & Awareness Bodywork.
They will practice their touch on you and share some of their experiences.
Schirin will also tell about the intention with this work.
Address: Mirror Centre, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093, Amsterdam.

INFORMATION EVENING 14th October 19.00-21.00 with more focus on next years training which starts 6th - 8th March in Amsterdam

More info: Facebook event



Retreat for women

Location: Eden Roc, Costa Brava, Spain
Date: 28th September - 5th October
Price and travel: 12,250 NOK / €1275 in single room (all inclusive*) Except travel costs and massages.




Schirin is based in Amsterdam and travels frequently to Oslo.

For private session, send me and email with suggestion of some dates and times.

23rd - 25th August 3 days workshop ‘Touch & Awareness Bodywork training’ , Listening touch and body reading.

14th September Open house with a taste of Touch & Awareness from students

13.30-16.00 at Mirror centre, Amsterdam. Free entrance.

14th October and 4th December Information evening 19.00 - 21.00 about next years 9th months Touch & awareness Bodywork training. Free entrance.

28th Sept - 5th Oct Women’s retreat in Spain. Grounding Yoga & Liquid Movement. info on: Facebook

18th - 20th October 3 days workshop ‘Touch & Awareness Bodywork training’ . Mirror the body with words and touch.

26th October Couples workshop: Relating Through Body Language in Amsterdam

3rd - 18th November not available. Self inquiry time.


Touch & Awareness Bodywork training 9 months ongoing 6th March - 22nd November




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