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tantra - yoga - dance - rosen method


Deepen the connection within yourself and to your surroundings.


Schirin has a big tool box from her broad background with intuitive tantric massage, touch & awareness bodywork, yoga / meditation and professional dancing. With that blend, she supports you to gain a greater understanding of how to unleash more of your aliveness. How can we peel off layers of tension and protection that we are not even aware of? So we can grow stronger in the sense of who we are beyond the roles we play, what we do and just embrace that pureness of our being...

Main base 2018 : Amsterdam. Calendar further down.


Touch & Awareness 

This  private session has a mix of The Rosen Method and trauma work. It is a body treatment that can lead to deep relaxation and awareness when unconscious muscle tensions releases. New opportunities in life might arise when old patterns and attitudes let go. More information about Rosen Method Bodywork.


Couple workshop


Are you still madly in love with your partner? Do you touch and show affection and can you enjoy being touched? If not, or if you want to go deeper, come and join for an explorative, nourishing and fun day.

8 December in Amsterdam

13 January in Oslo


Find your natural radiance, women

How would it be to get some tools to evoke your natural radiance? Embrace your different flavours of innocence, sensuality and wisdom? With yoga and breath, body reading, movements from within and sharing. In a nourishing and playful atmosphere.

6 January in Oslo


Touch & Awareness bodywork training, Amsterdam 2019

Information evening Tuesday 4 December 19.00- 21.00, central Amsterdam.

This is a 8 months in- depht training of getting to know yourself better, with the intention to give professional sessions to others.

The amount of awareness you have of yourself, is what you meet another person with. The more you have embraced of your feelings, sense of your own body and the ability to curiously witness your own thoughts, the bigger container you have to witness and hold space for another persons discovery of themselves.

 Get more information about next years training. 



Schirin is based in Amsterdam and travels frequently to Oslo.

30 Mars - 25 November, Touch& Awareness Bodywork training in Amsterdam. Ongoing group.

6 - 13 October, Women's retreat- Grounding yoga& Liquid in Spain.

21 - 29 October, Sessions in Oslo

26 October dance in Oslo Domkirke

4 December, Information meeting in Amsterdam about next years Touch& Awareness Bodywork training

2019 January in Oslo available for sessions.

6 January Workshop women “Find your natural radiance” in Oslo

13 January Couples workshop in Oslo




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