About Schirin Zorriassateiny

She has a background as an Olympic athlete, professional contemporary dancer, yoga teacher, and a therapist in Rosen Method Bodywork. She is a certified teacher by The New Tantra School where she has explored and deepened her knowledge the last 6 years. 2011-  17.

Completed an education about trauma in January- 18.

Schirin grew up in Oslo, travels around the globe to share her gift. She is playful, deep, sees beyond people’s barriers and just loves to move! She can express herself through her body and movement in a way that speech is not needed.

Her passion is to create a space and atmosphere where people can feel accepted and safe to be curious and honest with themselves. From there the aliveness and joy of expressing themselves spontaneously, can flow through! 


Yoga med Schirin


The first Norwegian yoga book. A introduction to Yoga. Published by Stenersen in 2005. Sold 4000.

Order the book at Bedriftsidretten. Send a mail to: forbund@bedriftsidretten.no