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tantra - yoga - dance - rosen method


Deepen the connection within yourself and to your surroundings.


Schirin combines different methods and uses her broad background with intuitive tantric massage, rosen method bodywork, yoga and professional dancing for you to gain a greater understanding how to unleash more of your aliveness, enjoy your body, breath, spontaneous expression and communication.

Based in Amsterdam and Oslo. Calendar further down.

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Womens Retreat

Grounding Yoga and Liquid Movement
Spain 6-13th October 2018

Yoga at sunrise, dance, expression, touch and sharing in the afternoon. Enjoy delicious food, book your sessions and just enjoy your own rhythm in beautiful Costa Brava, Spain.


Rosen Method 

The Rosen Method is a body treatment that can lead to deep relaxation and awareness when unconscious muscle tensions releases. It can give you new opportunities in life when old patterns and attitudes let go. More information about Rosen Method Bodywork.


Couple workshop


Are you still madly in love with your partner? Do you touch and show affection and can you enjoy being touched? If not, or if you want to go deeper, come and join for an explorative, nourishing and fun day.

Date: 2th Dec 2017
Time: 11.00-18.00
Place: Amsterdam, De Roos
Price: 110 Euro pr.person
More information on
Workshop for couples

Female empowerment

How would it be to get some tools to evoke your natural radiance? Embrace your different flavors of innocence, sensuality and wisdom? With lots of dance, playfulness, touch and sharing.



August - 26th September, Oslo
30th September - 7th October, Retreat for women, Costa Brava, Spain

8th -16th October, Holiday

17th - 23th October, Bodywork on retreat in Tuscany, Italy

24th October-2th November Oslo

3th - 7th November Copenhagen

24th-27th November Oslo

7th Nov- 7 January Amsterdam  

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