The Rosen Method is a body treatment that can lead to deep relaxation and awareness when unconscious muscle tensions releases. It can give you new opportunities in life when old patterns and attitudes let go. More information about Rosen Method Bodywork.

Tantric session: Transform your sexual energy into extreme vitality. More information of tantric sessions: Schirin Zorriassateiny – Magma.


  • 1 hour Rosen therapy - 1000 NOK / 100 Euro
  • 1.5 hour Rosen therapy / Intuitive Massage - 1500 NOK / 150 Euro
  • 2 hours Intuitive Tantric Massage - 2600 NOK / 260 Euro
  • 3 hours Intuitive Tantric Massage - 3800 NOK / 380 Euro
  • 1.5 hour Coaching for men - 3500 NOK / 350 Euro
  • 3 hours Couples Session - 4500 NOK / 450 Euro
  • 4 hours Couples Session - 5900 NOK / 590 Euro
  • 1 hour Skype Introduction - 1000 NOK /  100 Euro

Intuitive tantric massage

In this session which includes some theory, you receive different types of touch to make you relax, then let the energy build up and expand into your whole body. 

Your body is a source of wisdom. Every memory is stored in it. Why do you feel stuck, or what can you release to open up more? Let your body talk.

"Schirin is a powerful bodyworker, with an uniq intuition and the courage to follow it. She is just pouring love into the session", Kasper Sørensen, Denmark.

Couples session

 You decide how you want to use the time. You learn how to be present with your partner. With hands, words and gaze. Switch between who is leading and following. Practice to express your needs in a way that inspires and guide your partner.

"Schirin is an amazing person who can totally feel and see the obstacles and our pitfalls. She is very direct, to the point and very loving at the same time", Hilje Hoeksma, Holland.

Coaching for men

The intention is for you to grow in your unique qualities as a man. To be fully present in your body instead of thinking and planning. To feel into your lover and learn how to open her up. *This session requires that you have received a massage first.

" Her intuition on what to do and what worked for me to get me going, was spot on and manifested instantly", Joost Lekkerkerker, New Zealand.