Touch & Awareness


Bodywork training

Bodywork training with Schirin
Amsterdam, 29 March – 1 December 2019

Information evening 19.00-21.00 the 4 December 2019


I could never have imagined that touch could open up such a profound process in myself and now I have even learned to guide others in their process through giving touch, which is a magnificent experience."

Themer Abourayan, student - 18

Many people experience tiredness from constant muscle tension in their bodies. Initially muscle tension functioned as a protection to hold back what was not safe to feel or express. This holding becomes a habit that we might not even be aware of and we believe this is just how we are. It can lead to stiffness, tension, pain or numbness in body and mind.

This is a practical training to strengthen your capacity to sense, feel and be present with yourself and another person in a creative and explorative way. Not only useful in the bodywork, but in life itself! A process of listening, accepting, connecting and receiving yourself and the client through touch.


Who is this training program for?

  • For everyone who want to get more in touch with their own body, feelings and inner truth.

  • For you that want to take your natural ability to give others touch, to a new level.

  • Body workers who want to deepen their skills to read and follow the client’s subtle body expression.


  • Improving awareness of the signals from your own body

  • Releasing tension and holdings

  • Calming your thoughts and expanding the breath

  • Transforming pain and stiffness into more flexibility and circulation

  • Gaining clarity and insights, when connecting with the subconscious

  • Increasing vitality

touch and awareness


Group teachings

  • 5 weekends Friday to Sunday, 6 hours per day

  • 6 Tuesday evening practices

Price: 2200E

Individual sessions

  • 8 session received for your own process.

  • 5 supervisions with Schirin

  • 10 practice sessions on your own

Price: 1300 Euro

Price full training: 3500 Euro

This program will give you the base to provide professional Touch & Awareness sessions.


  • 29 - 31 March, 10.00-17.00

  • 10 - 12 May

  • 5 - 7 July

  • 13 - 15 September

  • 29 Nov - 1 December

  • Evenings 18.00 - 22.00 :

  • 15 April

  • 27 May

  • 11 June

  • 27 August

  • 1 October

  • 5 November

The following topics will be covered in the training:

  • Combining soft touch and words to unlock aliveness.

  • Experience different intentions in touch, direction of pressure and how to touch different body parts.

  • Body reading, seeing the potential for more natural movements and locating where the blockages are.

  • Anatomy and human function.

  • Learn to listen to signals in the natural breath and follow the shifts as a guide for how and where to touch.

  • Grounding exercises to let go of trauma related stress.

  • How to be present when emotions arise in the client.

  • Integration of your own process and learnings through sharing, meditation and movement.