Schirin is a real inspiration when it comes down to body awareness. In the workshops there will be a lot of exercises and tools to bring home. Its a blend of touch, movement and relating. With theory and dialogues with the group it can bring in different topics. 


Couples Workshop 


Are you still madly in love with your partner? Do you touch and show affection and can you enjoy being touched? If not, or if you want to go deeper, come and join for an explorative, nourishing and fun day.

Date Amsterdam: 8 December 2018

Date Oslo: Sunday 13 January 2019

Time: 10: 30- 17: 30

Place: Amsterdam
Price: 110E pr.person


An Introduction to Tantra

What is tantra? How can we integrate intimacy and sexuality as a natural part of our lives and use it to charge our energy? Is there any difference in tantric sex compared to what I already experienced?

Schirin share, opens for question and dialogue, and give some excersices.

Time: 3 hours

Place: Oslo, Norway
Price: 450 NOK

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Female empowerment

How would it be to get some tools to evoke your natural radiance? Embrace your different flavours of innocence, sensuality and wisdom? With soft yoga and breath, body reading, movements from within. In an atmosphere of nourishment and playfulness

Time: 10.00-14.30

Date: Sunday 6 January

Place: Oslo Norway.
Price: 600 NOK


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Upcoming events:


Intro, Ashtanga Yoga

25th - 26th August 2017
Oslo, Norway

For beginners or people who want to deepen their practice. See more information on Oslo Yoga's website.

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Womens Retreat

6- 13t October 2018
Costa Brava, Spain

Yoga at sunrise, dance, expression, touch and sharing in the afternoon. Enjoy delicious food, book your sessions and just enjoy your own rhythm in beautiful Costa Brava, Spain.