Schirin is an inspirational workshop leader in the field of body awareness. With a blend of touch, movement, and relating exercises her workshops bring you into deeper connection with yourself and your partner; they also provide many tools to take home with you, allowing you to continue deepening your experience after the workshop has finished. Through a combination of theory and group dialogue, there is also space for personal questions and topics to arise that can be addressed in the moment depending on each individual group.

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Couples Workshop 

Body Language in Relationship

Are you still deeply in love with your partner? Do you touch each other and show affection, and can you enjoy being touched? Join us for an explorative, nourishing and fun day, where you will receive tools to take home with you to rekindle the flame of love and affection in your relationship.

TESTIMONY: "After the workshop I felt grounded in my strength, which reflected in the interaction with my partner. It gave our connection a flavour of trust and intimacy that can only come from being fully in contact with ourselves. Schirin has my highest recommendation, and I hope that you also give yourself a chance to explore the gifts of your inner realms with her."  Kristine Vederhus

Date: 2nd March 2019

Time: 10:00 - 17:00

Place: Amsterdam

Price: €120 per person

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An Introduction to Tantra

What is tantra? How can we integrate intimacy and sexuality as a natural part of our lives and use it to charge our energy? Is there any difference between tantric sex and the sex you may be used to experiencing? All these questions and more will be addressed in this introduction to tantra.

Schirin will share her knowledge and deep experience, and be open to questions and any dialogue that may arise; there will also be some light exercises included.

Duration: 3 hours

Place: Oslo, Norway
Price: 450 NOK

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Women’s Day

A nourishing day in an atmosphere of relaxed playfulness. You will receive tools to help evoke your natural radiance, embrace your deep inner wisdom, and your individual flavours of innocence & sensuality. With soft yoga & breath, body-reading, movement from within, and sharing.

Time: 10:00 - 14:30

Date: Sunday 6th January

Place: Oslo, Norway.
Price: 600 NOK


Book your next workshop

If you would like to join a workshop you can click on the link below or email including the workshop name and date in the subject line. Once you have expressed your desire to join us you will receive payment details. Your place on the workshop will be secured on receipt of payment.

If you are a group of people it is also possible to invite Schirin for a workshop or sessions at your home or private space.

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Women’s Retreat

28th September - 5th October 2019: Costa Brava, Spain

Yoga at sunrise; dance, expression, touch and sharing in the afternoon. Enjoy delicious food, book your sessions, relax in the spa, and just follow your own rhythm in beautiful Costa Brava, Spain.